The new Mirror's Edge Catalyst gameplay sets up the story

I played Mirror's Edge at E3 and it's a curious mix of being basically exactly how you remember, only a bit better (you can now freerun around corners, for example). Here's five odd minutes of new gameplay from EA's Gamescom show showing all that in action.

You can also see the improved combat in play there, with the idea being that if you're not moving your dead. That leads to fighting being much more tied into the acrobatics as Faith wall runs into kicks and jumps obstacles to get a height advantage on enemies. It's also worth noting the potential for runs and routes as Faith scans that tower. That is going to be a lot of fun to climb.

As well as the improved combat there's also a hint of a coherent story line as well which so far looks like 'something, something, mystery medical research, something, something, cool industrial espionage ninja, something, Faith gets involved'. It'll do.

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