Miramax develops divorce comedy

Aiming to prove that divorce can be high-larious in the right hands, Miramax has bought the spec script A.C.O.D (Adult Children Of Divorce) from former Daily Show head writer Ben Karlin and co-scribe Stu Zicherman.

The satirical film finds a man discovering that he was unknowingly part of a study during his parents’ divorce 15 years ago. He signs up for a new project based on the research that wreaks havoc with his life.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Zicherman will direct the movie with Karlin acting as one of the producers.


"We're very glad to get the validation from Miramax, especially since we've been working on the script longer than any of our parents were married,” said the writers.

While divorce is hardly a laughing matter (and the film about adults coping with their parents sounds a little like Step Brothers to us), we expect funny things from Karlin.