Minecraft player defies all odds to create a perfect in-game circle without mods

In an act of blatant wizardry, an exceedingly creative Minecraft player has crafted a perfectly circular swimming pool, despite everything in the game being made of blocks.

How, you might ask? As reported by Kotaku, the first iteration is actually fairly simple and has been done before. Essentially, you just place a rail on top of a stack of blocks, surround the rail in blocks so it can't move, and then spam minecarts into the center. Then, break the rail and jump into the middle of the structure. After a few hits, you'll start to see a circle form as the minecarts spin around and into each other because they lack collision. But "that's not good enough" for Mysticat, who was determined to make a circle that you can build with.

Thus, they use command blocks to spawn an armor stand, which also rotates and lacks collision, and then make the armor stand spin and spawn new armor stands in the direction they're facing. To Mysticat's surprise, a perfect circle forms in front of them.

From there, the creator explains various fixes to problems that sound like another language to a casual Minecraft player, and seeing everything in action looks like actual magic, especially the part where they just "press the button" and smooth out the rough edges of the circle. But there's no denying the final product, no matter how uncanny. That's a dang circle in Minecraft, all right.

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