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Minecraft Netherite armor: How to get a full kit made of Netherite

Minecraft Netherite armor
(Image credit: Mojang)

Minecraft Netherite armor is here and if you don't have a full suit of it yet, better get to it. Netherite in Minecraft is better than Diamond! As you'd expect for such an elite grade of equipment however, Netherite isn't easy to get whatsoever, especially enough for a full suit of Minecraft Netherite armor. So here's everything you need to know about Minecraft Netherite armor.

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How to get Netherite armor in Minecraft

how to get Minecraft Netherite armor

(Image credit: Mojang)

Once you've got four Minecraft Netherite ingots, you can make a start on crafting Netherite armor. The first thing you need to do is craft a full set of Diamond armor, because rather than crafting Netherite armor from scratch, it essentially acts like an upgrade mechanic.

To turn your Diamond armor into Netherite armor, simply put it in the crafting table alongside a Netherite ingot. This will upgrade the Diamond armor, including fixing any durability loss it's got. Bear in mind that it does also remove any enchantments at the same time.

Netherite armor has +1 Armor Toughness and +1 Knockback Resistance compared to Diamond armor, along with a considerably higher durability. One of the biggest bonuses to everything Netherite is that it floats in lava too! So if you die in the Nether or in a sneaky lava pool in a cave, your Netherite equipment will be safe, as long as you get back before it despawns. It'll take a while to acquire a full set of Netherite armor but when you do, you'll be sorted for a long time.

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