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Milla Jovovich up for Faces In The Crowd

Milla Jovovich will go from battling mutant zomboids to trying to escape a maniacal serial killer in Faces In The Crowd.

The plot finds a woman who survives an attack from the murderous man, but not without a head injury.

The brain-wrong leaves her "face-blind", which means that she can't recognise faces and everyone looks different every time she sees them anew.

She's forced to make her way in the newly confusing world while her attacker aims to wipe out the only witness to his crimes.

Julien Magnat wrote the script and will make his English-language debut with the movie, thanks to a little help from Stomp The Yard's Sylvain White, who is also producing as well as mentoring him.

Magnat kicks off shooting next March, once Jovovich has finished work on the latest Resident Evil film...

[Source: Variety ]