Mila Kunis has Friends With Benefits

Trends are like viruses in Hollywood.

If you decide to make a film about killer trolls who off people by eating their eyeballs, you can bet somebody else has had the exact same idea across the street. It’s just one of the laws of the universe. Like gravity.

Hence the reason that there are currently three different projects all greenlit in Los Angeles with the title Friends With Benefits .

The latest is a Screen Gems romantic comedy starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, set to shoot in July, with Will Gluck directing and re-writing a script by Keith Merryman and David Newman.

Gluck just finished directing other female up-and-comer Emma Stone in Easy A , another Screen Gems comedy that is set for release this September. Mila, meanwhile, showed up in last month’s Date Night (above).

The other Friends With Benefits projects? Well, there’s also Paramount’s Ivan Reitman flick, alternatively being called Fuckbuddies (yeah, get that past the censors), as well as NBC’s comedy pilot scheduled to bow this Autumn.

We apologise in advance for any confused reports that get any of these three identikit titles muddled up in the future. Thank you.

Like the sound of friends with benefits?

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