Mike Mignola working on The Hobbit

Good news for fans of Hellboy – Guillermo del Toro is bringing collaborator and Big Red creator Mike Mignola to work on The Hobbit.

Talking to MTV, del Toro confirmed that while the script is still in its embryonic stages, he’s getting to work on visualising the movie.

"We are sketching and designing with Weta's John Howe, and Adam Lee. Mike Mignola is coming soon. He's going to do a stint on the design team."

“Some really interesting designs”

"In about two, three months we're going to full-on have more designers come on from outside Weta. But we are already about a good third of the road along with some of the creatures — some really interesting and strong designs."

Sounds like things are moving apace. And in case you were wondering if he’s done any casting yet – he has, but only in his head. “We make it a point not to talk to them,” he says of candidates for the younger Bilbo Baggins, “or any other actors that are not confirmed — because I think it's bad policy."

That, and the poison pellet Peter Jackson has cunningly concealed in GDT’s right buttock, with a remote control trigger should be try to spill any details early…

[Source: MTV ]

Question: Does Mike Mignola's presence mean you're more likely to want to see The Hobbit? Is that even possible?