Microsoft on Xbox Series X price: "When we're ready, we'll tell you"

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X cost isn't ready to be shared yet, according to Xbox UK's marketing lead, following growing frustrations about the lack of launch information two months out from the console's release. 

The comments come from Xbox UK’s marketing lead and Xbox On host Samuel Bateman, who has been responding to fans' questionings about the next-gen console's price, which has been confirmed to launch this November. 

Bateman had nothing new to share but promised that more information about the Xbox Series X price when Microsoft is "ready", suggesting that the company itself isn't quite prepared to reveal anything anytime soon. 

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In another Tweet, Bateman assured fans that “If I could tell you [the Xbox Series X price] I would. Like I said, when we’re ready, we’ll tell you."

Incidentally, an Xbox Game Showcase is scheduled to take place this month at the Tokyo Game Show 2020, but Microsoft has already poured cold water on any next-gen news potentially arriving through that, according to VGC.

With Sony staying just as quiet on any news around the PS5 price, the wait for more next-gen information continues, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we learn anything more here on GamesRadar, so stay tuned. 

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