Xbox says it has "no new next-gen news" for the Tokyo Game Show

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Update - September 2: In a new tweet, Xbox clarified that it will have "no new next-gen news" to share during its Tokyo Game Show lineup. Instead, it will focus on Japanese games and creators, updates for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the Japanese Minecraft community. 

The Tokyo Game Show is viewed in many countries but it's obviously a Japan-centered event, and with Japan being one of the smaller markets for Xbox, it makes sense that the company isn't bringing any bombshells. At the same time, key details have been shared in abrupt blog posts and tweets in the past few months, so nothing's off the table for a potential reveal. 

The next console generation is now less than three months away, and both Xbox and PlayStation still have several big questions to answer. We still don't know the price of the Xbox Series X (and Microsoft now says it will release it "when we're ready"), and the twice-leaked Xbox Series S has yet to be formally revealed. Xbox seems to be aware of these expectations, as it's been more careful about pitching its events and appearances since the largely underwhelmed reaction to the May Xbox Series X gameplay reveal. 

Original story: 

A Tokyo Game Show Xbox event has been confirmed for this month via the online exhibition's newly released schedule. 

According to the official Tokyo Game Show 2020 timetable (via GameWatch), an "Xbox Tokyo Game Show Showcase 2020" event will take place on Thursday, September 24, at 3AM PST/6AM ET/11AM BST.

Little information about the showcase is given beyond that, but the schedule promises "content that everyone who loves games can enjoy"... whatever that means. 

Xbox has been teasing a new digital briefing for some time now, especially given that the long-rumoured Xbox Lockhart console has been all but confirmed, and we're just months away from the November launch of the Xbox Series X system. 

It's unclear whether this new showcase will have a next-gen focus, though I wouldn't expect any updates on upcoming exclusives like Fable 4 or Halo Infinite, especially as the latter title recently got pushed back in 2021 from its original Xbox Series X launch window. 

It's likely that Microsoft itself will reveal more information about September's Xbox Game Showcase soon but, for now, it's nice to have something to look forward to for this month, given how quiet Sony continues to be about key details like the PS5 price *shakes fist at PlayStation HQ*.

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