Mickey Rourke a lock for Iron Man 2s Crimson Dynamo?

The Iron Man sequel is turning into a right old revolving door for casting info.

The latest spin comes from Robert Downey Jr, who's told MTV that Mickey Rourke has yet to sign up as Russian villain Crimson Dynamo.

RDJ does seem to think Rourke will appear - but not as Crimson Dynamo (“That’s actually incorrect.")

He also spilt something about the Tony Stark's motivation in the new movie: "It's one thing to say you're Iron Man; it's another to hold that responsibility.

"If that sounds like a familiar theme, trust me, it's not. This film is three times more fun and strange. We're going real far out this time. It's going to be good. I wouldn't lie to you."

Intriguing! Chances are he’s referring not only to Stark’s personal demons, but also to Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer, who takes over running the military wing of the company as Tony goes off to fight evil.

Now we just have to hope Emily Blunt can still play Black Widow.

[Source MTV news /Splash Page ]

Are you psyched for Rourke signing up? Which villain does he fit?

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