MGS4 cracks a million in Europe

Metal Gear Solid 4 shattered the million sales milestone within its first week on sale in Europe, Konami has confirmed.

It also says that fans "snapped up almost immediately" the 25,000 copies of the limited edition version of the game, which packs a Making-of Blu-Ray, a soundtrack CD and action figure put out for the game's June 12 release, although the £144 bundle still looks to be in stock on Play, where it is sold exclusively over here.

Konami sales and marketing director Martin Schneider said: "The Metal Gear Solid series has again proved its huge potential, and we are delighted with the fantastic response the game has enjoyed at retail."

Schneider also promises to "keep satisfying [your] needs with updates to the game's 'Extra' option, and via new content to Metal Gear Online".

Neither Sony nor Konami have confirmed how much this has affected PS3 sales in the region, although we know it worked wonders for hardware sales in Japan. We're chasing those numbers now...

Courtesy of CVG. (opens in new tab)

Jun 24, 2008