Mega Bloks announces new Halo-themed toys

If you're a big fan of Halo, let's take it as read that you're partial to a bit of massively destructive mayhem – at least if it's in service of the larger “stop the world being blown up” good. However, it's important to create as well as destroy, so you may be interested in these Combat Evolved-themed action figures and model sets from Mega Bloks. The company's announced several new sets in the lead up to the November release of the original's Anniversary Edition, and will be providing prizes for filmmakers who use the toys in Halo-themed animation clips.

Above: The new line of UNSC Mega Bloks figures stand ready for your animated degradation

“Halo has always been a universe in which input and creativity from players is paramount,” says 343's Frank O'Connor: “Mega Bloks is and always has been the perfect extension of that feeling into the 'real' world.” The existential ramifications of that statement aside, O'Connor refers to the contest the company's been running since the start of August: submit some stop-motion animation featuring Mega Bloks' Halo sets before the end of September and be entered to win filmmaking gear and Mega Bloks gear that, we're assured, is highly sought-after by Mega Bloks enthusiasts.

Above: The Flood's terrifying onslaught has never looked so delightful

If you just want to make things that look marginally like the vehicles and environments of Halo (at least if you ignore the connecting notches all over everything), the company's got a big back-catalog of products based on the series, with new figures and sets being released to toy retailers all month. Would you put these on your figurine-shelf?

Sep 6, 2011

Source: MCV