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    Submitted by Alex Szeto

Max Payne 2 Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Master Cheat

    During gameplay press Square, Square, X, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Square, Square, X, Left, Right, Left, Right. Now press Start + Select to go back to the main menu and pick the New game option. All game modes and levels should be unlocked. Also reported as press Square, Square, Square, X, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Square, Square, X, Left, Right, Left, Right.

  • PS2 | Submitted by BIG RDG

    Part III Chapter 8 Help

    When Vlad is on the big green platform above you the way to kill him is to shoot the four cable bases, the platform should then fall. Next use the MP5 and zoom in(X button) and shoot out the four yellow bars. The spike will then fall. Vlad will then be visible to be shot.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Evan

    Secret Shrine

    On Part III Chapter 7 continued, when on the scafolding, and when your at the very bottom ( when the guy gets blown out the window) go kill the guy with the desert eagles (so you don't get hurt) and then jump over the little bar going diagonale onto the ledge of the building. Turn the corner and jump in the lighted room with holy monk music! It has a shrine with a real person saying in memory and stuff! It's pretty cool check it out for yourself!

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hidden Secret

    On chapter 1 when you're at the part when you're on the scaffolding and the bad guy is trying to chuck bombs down at you go to the area where the bad guy shoots at you from the window, kill him but don't go in! instead, turn around so you are facing a ledge, walk across the ledge until you get to the end of it, turn to the right to go along another part of the ledge go across that until you reach an open window go inside and you'll find a shrine for one of the games makers!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Nick John B.

    Tricks For Sawed-Off Shotgun

    If you have have a sawed-off shotgun, you can get infinite ammo for it. All you have to do is shoot the 2 shells in it. Then jump up quickly while Max is reloading, and you should have the same amount of shotgun shells that you had before you fired the 2 shots. You can keep doing this over and over and never lose a single shell again.

    You can also make a pile of shotgun shells on the floor by doing what it says above. Just stand in 1 spot and fire the 2 shells in the sawed-off shotgun and jump while Max is reloading. Keep doing this until you are satisfied and look down. There should be a pile of shotgun shells, and you didn't even iose 1 out of your ammo.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Robert

    Pick fun at Cops

    In the chapter where Max is suspended in the police station, go to the rec-room. There will be 2 police men on a couch watching tv. Turn off the tv and watch them turn it back on, then turn it off again, repeatedly (cops will not do anything to you).

Max Payne 2 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Robert

    Theme Song

    Play the piano with a dead body on it, Max will attempt to play his theme song.

Max Payne 2 Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Robert

    Completion Bonuses

    Complete the game under "Detective" difficulty setting to unlock the Hard boiled, New York Minute, and Dead man Walking modes. Complete the game under "Dead Man Walking" difficulty setting to unlock Dead on arrival Mode.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Robert

    Special Ending

    Successfully complete THE GAME on Dead on Arrival mode to see the special ending.