Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Mustachos Evil Eyes location guide

Chapter 1-5: The Crossing

Mustacho’s Evil Eye Locations 10 to 13

Evil Eye #1:
When you are running from the two henchmen and need to climb a rope, jump to the left to grab another rope hanging from a bell. Ring it for an achievement and then hop off to the left to find the eye there.

Evil Eye #2:
When you reach the henchman in between the two pillars that can be raised, make your way past him then climb up the right side to the rope. Hop to the left to grab the other rope there, then swing on it and jump to the eye that is in the middle on a platform there.

Evil Eye #3:
When you reach the Forest Wall, pull the box out from the right side and place it over the leftmost pillar spot. Stand on it and then raise it up. Once in the air, jump to the platform on the left where the eye is and grab it.

Evil Eye #4:
When you climb over the wall and enter the forest, make your way to the bottom platform by way of the ropes and the eye will be to the left before you go over the red vines.

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