Mass Effect: Legendary Edition release date may have leaked early

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition release date seems to have leaked early, as two different online stores now point to the game arriving on March 12.

Twitter user Idle Sloth noticed that Singaporean retailer Shopitree currently has a March 12 release date on its online listing, and Indonesian store GSShop put out a video today that includes the same date. Eurogamer said it also understands that release date to be accurate "barring any further delays."

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EA hasn't made any official announcements about the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition release date beyond the initial word that it would arrive sometime in Spring 2021. What we know so far is that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a remastered bundle of the original Mass Effect trilogy, as well as all of its DLC expansions and in-game promotional items. It's only been officially announced for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, though backwards compatibility means it should be easy enough to play it on PS5 or Xbox Series X if you've already moved on to the next generation.

Series fans have been clamoring for a Mass Effect trilogy remaster ever since the last console generation started, and they received a double dose of good news when a new Mass Effect trailer dropped at The Game Awards in December. It had a lot to unpack, including the return of fan-favorite characters from the trilogy, and it looks an awful lot like it will be a direct sequel to Mass Effect 3.

There's a lot to get excited about this year - see what's next with our guide to new games 2021 and beyond. You can also get your Mass Effect Legendary Edition pre-order here, as and when it becomes available.

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