How to get Mass Effect Legendary Edition free for Amazon Prime Day

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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If you want the Mass Effect Legendary Edition for free, you just need Amazon Prime and an internet connection. As part of the annual Prime Day event, there are a bunch of Amazon Prime Day free games for anybody with a Prime membership, including the aforementioned Mass Effect Legendary Edition and numerous others. It's a lot of bang for no bucks, making it one of the best Prime Day deals out there. However, you need to claim them yourself, and the claiming process can be a little obscure. Fortunately we'll explain how to get Mass Effect LE for free with Amazon Prime below, as well as the limitations and requirements for doing so.

How to claim Mass Effect Legendary Edition and more games for free on Amazon Prime Day

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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Mass Effect Keepers

Mass Effect keeper

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Find all the Mass Effect keepers in the Citadel here!

Players can claim the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and more for free for Amazon Prime Day on the 12th and 13th July, but only if they have an Amazon Prime membership. Once you have it, head to the Prime Gaming site and you'll be able to claim the game - as well as any others - and attach them to your Amazon account.

And just to clarify, yes - this can be done with a free trial membership, if you currently have one. Signing up for the trial and quickly cancelling recurring payments before you forget is the staple ritual of modern society, and it works just as well here as it does for any other subscription service. Of course, you can always choose to keep your membership going if you find the perks appealing.

In our Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review, Editor Alyssa was incredibly positive about the experience, praising the narrative and the game's ability to understand what was worth updating and what needed to be left alone for posterity's sake. The Legendary Edition itself is a collection of the first three Mass Effect games, remade somewhat for modern day, though the multiplayer component has been omitted in the process. 

Still, it's a healthy bundle of games worth experiencing even with the online element missing, as the series that has cemented developer Bioware's place in modern gaming. It's especially worth grabbing as a free game - not to mention all the other Amazon Prime Day free games we mentioned up top and extras that are being bundled with it, including a Need for Speed game and multiple Star Wars entries. 

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