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Mass Effect 3 "Earth" free multiplayer DLC due next week

According to a largeblog postfrom Xbox Live's Major Nelson, we now know when we'll be able toexpectthe next batch of DLC for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer component.

Now that the epilogue DLC has officially launched, the focus is shifting back to multiplayer. The DLC pack subtitled "Earth" will be launching on July 17, and is rumored to bring new locations like Rio, London, and Vancouver as well as adding several new classes. Nothing is confirmed yet though.

Major Nelson's blog post also gives out a huge amount of information on the coming week of Xbox Live including a big Bethesda sale covering Fallout 3 and Oblivion DLC, as well as Ubisoft's RUSE and Scott Pilgrim DLC. We'll also be getting 50% off deals on Toy Soldiers: Cold Way, Hydrophobia and several others.