Mass Effect 3 demo livestream. Watch it live now!

Mass Effect 3 is less than a month away. That can't come soon enough for millions of gamers. Some are scrambling to get a solid playthrough of Mass Effect 2 to prepare. Those people are probably terrified of touching the Mass Effect 3 demo, which is dropping on Xbox Live this Tuesday.

We don't know the exact time that the demo will become available (hopefully, it's while people in California are awake and at an office, like us!), but count on us to start downloading it as soon as it's live. And once it's on a hard drive, count on us to start livestreaming it. Because we know how much it sucks to be stuck at work when all you want to do is command Turians to do your dirt.

This is your official notice. Stay tuned for further updates here, and via Twitter and Facebook!

Update: Thanks for watching! We'll have the archive embedded soon!

Sterling McGarvey