Mary Jane Watson gets her own Jackpot tie-in for Gang War

Jackpot #1 cover art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Face it tiger, Mary Jane Watson is taking the spotlight again as her current superhero alter ego Jackpot in a new one-shot tying into the upcoming Spider-Man 'Gang War' crossover.

The Jackpot #1 one-shot will be written by Celeste Bronfman with art from Joey Vazquez, and will feature Mary Jane in one of her first big superhero outings since getting her Jackpot gauntlet.

Speaking of that gauntlet, it was invented by MJ's current romantic partner Paul, and uses an array of magical sigils that give Mary Jane a different power every time she activates the gauntlet, depending on their random order - kinda like a slot machine.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"ALWAYS BET ON RED! A GANG WAR TIE-IN! Mary Jane Watson, A.K.A. JACKPOT, gets her first solo super story since her debut in ASM #31!" reads the one-shot's official description. "New York City is in chaos as the super-powered criminal gangs are at war, and it’s all hands on deck! It’s a baptism by fire, but, come on, this is Mary Jane. What CAN’T she handle?!"

Mary Jane isn't the first hero named Jackpot in the Marvel Universe. The original Jackpot was Sara Ehret, a scientist who was imbued with super-strength. Ehret's secret identity remained a mystery for a little while after her debut, with clues in the story such as the red wig Ehret wore in her Jackpot costume and her codename's seeming reference to MJ's famous line "Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot" pointing to the fake out that she may actually be Mary Jane.

Now, with MJ actually taking up the Jackpot identity, things have come full circle. Jackpot #1 goes on sale January 17 with a cover from Pablo Villalobos, seen above.

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