Marvel's Spider-Man modder brings back the original PS4 Peter Parker's face

Marvel's Spider-Man
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Marvel's Spider-Man for PC has received a lot of mods since it was released last month, the latest of which replaces Peter Parker's face model for a second time. 

If you didn't know, back when Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered was released for PS5, fans quickly noticed that Peter Parker had a completely new look. It wasn't just a case of a new haircut or a new wardrobe that had people talking, though, but a completely new face - one that gave Parker a more youthful/Tom Holland-esque appearance based on model Ben Jordan. 

Now that Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered has been released on PC, one dedicated modder has decided to bring the old Peter Parker back. Available via Nexus Mods, the 'John Bubniak - PS4 face restoration mod' - Bubniak being the original model for Peter Parker in Marvel's Spider-Man - replaces the current Parker with the original PS4 version. According to the mod's page, it was "made using data partially from 2018 PS4 game, partially from PC remaster. So [the] face doesn't look exactly like old Peter from PS4." This will however be improved if "technical possibilities" were found. 

This is definitely one of the more tame Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered mods we've seen since the game was released on PC in August 2022. Some of our favourites so far include the cursed Marvel's Spider-Man PC mod that swaps Peter Parker for the Kingpin, as well as the mods that allowed players to swing across New York City as the likes of Black Cat, Stan Lee, and in the most respectful way possible, Uncle Ben's gravestone.  

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