Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales patch removes the random air horn sound that was ruining dramatic moments

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A patch for Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been rolled out to stop a random air horn noise from ruining dramatic moments in the game.

As spotted by PCGamesN, the update's patch notes (v1.1130.0.0), which can be found in full on Steam, contains the fix: "Removed unintended air horn sounds that could occur in some cutscenes for some players." Now, as the patch notes allude, this wasn't happening to every player, so if you can't imagine what this was like, don't worry - we have videos to demonstrate.

In the video embedded below, Miles is listening to a voicemail from his uncle Aaron in which he's reminiscing about his and Miles' dad's childhoods. Towards the end of the voicemail, Miles hangs up the call before saying to himself: "Man, things got complicated between them..." and in one of the best instances of comedic timing, a random air horn sound blares somewhere in New York City, which Miles does not react to. 

There are a few other examples of this online, but the one thing that connects all of the videos we've found is that the air horn noise always seems to go off in the middle of a semi-serious scene or right after a deep conversation with Uncle Aaron - perhaps he's the one setting the noise off? Although it's hilarious, it's probably quite distracting to those playing the game. And so, developer Insomniac has removed it from the game for good now. Which honestly is a shame. 

Elsewhere in the patch notes, other changes include: Added a menu option to skip Fast Travel animations, visual improvements to ray-traced reflections and shadows, fixed a bug that caused Crime Missions not to load under certain conditions, and more. Overall though, most of the patch notes are for minor elements of the game, which was released on PC earlier this month. 

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