Marvel's Spider-Man 2 director slyly responds to Daredevil Easter egg speculation by telling everyone to "stay tuned"

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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The director of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has teased something Daredevil-related by telling fans to "stay tuned" when asked about the missing Nelson and Murdock sign.

Speaking on IGN's Beyond! Podcast, Bryan Intihar - the director of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - discusses the Spidey sequel, and more specifically, the missing Nelson and Murdock sign players have spotted in the virtual New York City. When asked what happened to the Daredevil characters' law firm, Intihar replied: "That's a good question… stay tuned." Which has given us more questions than answers. 

For new players, in the first Marvel's Spider-Man game players were able to spot Nelson and Murdock's business by its plaque on the front of a building in Hell's Kitchen. In the sequel, the building is still there but the plaque has nothing written on it, hinting that the pair have moved premises. But, if Intihar's comments are anything to go by, there's a chance we could still end up seeing the pair one day.

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Although the director didn't specify what this means for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, in a different interview, Intihar did tease an "epic" third game. Not only this, but we now also know that Marvel's Wolverine will take place in the same universe as the Spider-Man games and that a Venom spin-off title could very well be a possibility one day. We really are getting our own Marvel and Insomniac game universe so could end up seeing Daredevil in any one of these games. 

Did you spot the missing Nelson and Murdock sign? Find out what else could be hiding in plain sight with our Marvel's Spider-Man Easter eggs guide.  

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