Where to find all the Marvel's Midnight Suns elemental rods

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The Marvel's Midnight Suns elemental rods are scattered around the Abbey grounds, and you'll need to track down all four of them in order to collect the next Moon Seal. By bringing all four of the rods to Agatha's Altar, which is also known as the Elemental Altar, you'll clear the Agatha's Altar side objective and earn the Moon Seal you seek, which can eventually be used to unlock a new Word of Power by beating the related challenge.

Completing this scavenger hunt and picking up the Moon Seal is an essential requirement to unlocking more of the Abbey Grounds, so you'll want to do this as soon as possible to uncover more mysteries in the area. Thankfully, all four Elemental Rods can be found very early on in Midnight Suns, as you just need to have the 'Open' Word of Power to access two of the rods. To complete the set, here's where you can find all four Midnights Suns elemental rods.

Midnight Suns rod locations

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The four elemental rods can be found quite easily around the Abbey and its grounds. Once you’ve found an elemental rod, approach and interact with it to swipe it for your inventory. You’ll then need to take any rods you’ve found to the Elemental Altar in the southwest corner of the Abbey grounds (confusingly, it’s marked as Agatha’s Altar on the map) and place them in the correct slots – we’ve got details on how to place the Midnight Suns rods at the altar further down! Here are the precise locations you need to search to find the relevant Midnight Suns rods:

Midnight Suns Fire Rod

Marvel's Midnight Suns elemental rods fire rod location

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The Fire Rod is very easy to find as it’s sitting inside the south end of the Abbey. Walk down the building and past all the heroes’ dormitories to eventually reach a small room with a podium surrounded by candles. The Fire Rod is sitting on top of the podium.

Midnight Suns Water Rod

Marvel's Midnight Suns elemental rods water rod location

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Head outside of the Abbey to the west and go down to the relaxation pool area known as the Grotto. There’s a narrow, rocky path that you can walk across that takes you to the gap under the small footbridge. Look under the bridge and you’ll be able to take the Water Rod from its little nook.

Midnight Suns Earth Rod

Marvel's Midnight Suns elemental rods earth rod location

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For the Earth Rod, head southeast from the Abbey and head back to Hunter’s Folly and the crypt that the Hunter was resurrected from. The door to the crypt is closed so you’ll need to use the Open Word of Power to clear the way. As soon as you step inside the crypt, you’ll notice the Earth Rod sitting in the corner on the left.

Midnight Suns Air Rod

Marvel's Midnight Suns elemental rods air rod location

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Finally, to get the Air Rod head over to Agatha’s Altar and look for the narrow, stone archway roughly to the right of the steps leading up to the altar. At the end of the path through the archway, you’ll spot a stone wall that can be removed using the Open Word of Power. Getting rid of the wall reveals a pathway that leads down into the Whispering Wood. Head down this path and then turn left and you’ll spot the Air Rod on top of its own little shrine.

How to get the second Midnight Suns Moon Seal

Marvel's Midnight Suns elemental rods placed at the altar

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With all four Midnight Suns rods collected, head back to the Elemental Altar to place them in the right slots. Facing the altar, you’ll notice there are four plinths for the Elemental Rods, each with a unique textured pattern carved into them that matches the pattern on the rod. It’s a simple case of matching them up but starting from left to right, place the Water Rod, Air Rod, Earth Rod, and finally the Fire Rod.

Marvel's Midnight Suns elemental rods moon seal reward

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Each one you place will award a Marvel's Midnight Suns Arcane Key, which can be used to open an Arcane Chest to get some cosmetic rewards and more - learn a bit more on these Arcane mechanics with our Marvel's Midnight Suns tips. Placing the final one will also reveal the second Moon Seal for you to collect, which will allow you to interact with a Blood Gate over in the Stone Terrace region of the Abbey Grounds to the east. Complete the Blood Gate challenge and then place the Moon Seal on the newly revealed shrine plinth to get the Reveal Word of Power.

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