All Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters and the best ones for your team

Marvel's Midnight Suns characters
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The line up of Marvel's Midnight Suns characters offers you a wide range of options, as heroes such as Doctor Strange, Blade, and Captain Marvel all bring their own strengths to battles and are some of the best choices available. There are a total of 17 characters in the game (including DLC), and the range from MCU icons like Iron Man and Captain America, to the classic Midnight Sons from the comics including Ghost Rider and Blade.

Of course, there’s also the totally new Hunter, who was made especially for the game. Each mission has you assembling a squad of three Marvel's Midnight Suns heroes with unique card decks, and taking them into battle against the forces of Hydra and Lilith. Here are all the Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters you can unlock, and the best heroes for your team.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns best characters

Marvel's Midnight Suns choosing team

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From our time with the Marvel’s Midnight Suns character roster, there are some clear stand-out heroes that you should always consider taking with you on missions. Team composition is an important factor to consider too though, as many heroes opt for more supportive roles, while others can only cause havoc if they are bolstered by the right allies. It’s also worth mentioning that the Hunter is required for story missions, and sometimes so are other heroes, but in general missions, you can choose any of your unlocked heroes. Here are our picks for the best Midnight Suns characters for your team in no particular order:

  • The Hunter: With a wide range of card abilities to choose from, the Hunter can fulfill a more supportive or offensive role on your team, or a hybrid of the two. It makes them a bit of a jack-of-all-trades character, but this versatility means you can really tailor the Hunter’s card deck to suit any mission and team composition. Various healing cards can keep themselves and others in the fight, or a range of Knockback-focused attacks allow for decent damage, particularly if the environment can be used effectively.
  • Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme is a prime support character and has some fantastic cards that enhance the team and generate a lot of Heroism for those powerful Heroic Cards. Agamottos’ Gaze is an especially good Skill card that generates two Heroism, redraws the last two attack cards you played, and gives you four Card Draws on your next turn! Many of his attacks also become more powerful with more Heroism, so he can deal some serious damage too.
  • Captain Marvel: Offering some incredibly powerful abilities, Captain Marvel is a great choice, especially against beefier enemies. She’s also great at drawing fire from weaker heroes with various Taunt abilities and can soak up lots of damage with Block. Try and play Captain Marvel cards early so that she can Go Binary and deal even more damage. The downside of these powerful abilities is that they can chew through your Heroism, so a character that can generate a lot of it, such as Doctor Strange or Nico Minoru, are great supporters.
  • Blade: Blade is a superb hero choice for damage due to his array of attacks that are often improved when his victims are under the effects of Bleed. The damage over time from Bleed is also very useful, and we’ve had a few moments where an enemy has been knocked out by Bleed damage before they could harm a hero. Furthermore, Blade’s Lifesteal effect on his Stake Heroic card offers great self-healing to keep him in the fight, making him quite self-sufficient.

Best Marvel’s Midnight Suns team compositions

Marvel's Midnight Suns Iron Man

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Marvel's Midnight Suns

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When forming a team, it’s crucial that you have at least one character that can generate Heroism and another character that can use a lot of it - without Heroism, you won’t be able to use some of your heroes’ most powerful abilities that can really turn the tide of a combat encounter. Also consider following a fairly standard Tank-Support-Damage hero format so that you’ve got a selection of well-rounded abilities and status effects for any fight.

Your Tank choice should draw fire away from allies with Taunt, have good self-healing, or methods of generating Block to protect themselves – Captain Marvel makes for an excellent tank hero, but Blade’s self-healing can make him very resilient too. Conversely, your support character – Doctor Strange and Nico Minoru are great examples – must focus on things like healing, buffing damage, imposing status effects on enemies, and generating Heroism to make the fight go smoothly.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Team composition

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Finally, your damage character choice needs to stay flexible and should cover any weaknesses in your composition. If you need a lower-damage hero that’s great at applying status effects and dealing with minions, Spider-Man, Iron Man, or the Hunter are great options with plenty of Quick and Knockback powers. Alternatively, if you’re after a Midnight Suns character that can deal lots of damage using Heroism, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, and Blade are solid choices too. We’ve found that Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and either Blade or the Hunter makes for a solid superhero team. 

All Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns features a roster of 13 heroes, which is quite different to the original incarnation of the 1990s Midnight Sons comic arc, and the new customizable Hunter character. While the story is still about a band of supernatural fighters banding together to fight the forces of Lilith, Mother of Demons, Firaxis’ Midnight Suns game mixes classic members of the supernatural group, MCU stars, and the X-Men to create a unique team. You can also befriend all of them and increase their Midnight Suns Friendship Levels to gain extra benefits and unlocks. Here are the 14 characters you can play as in Midnight Suns:

  • Blade
  • Captain America
  • Captain Marvel
  • Doctor Strange
  • Ghost Rider
  • Hulk
  • The Hunter
  • Iron Man
  • Magik
  • Nico Minoru
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine

You won’t have access to all these Midnight Suns characters right off the bat, of course, and they’ll be unlocked or recruited to the gang over the course of the story. In the tutorial missions, you’ll get to play as Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel, but on your first missions as the Hunter, you’ll bring along Doctor Strange and Blade, for example. After that, you’ll unlock the rest of the core Midnight Suns members for missions, and other heroes, such as Spider-Man, will get recruited to the team through the story.

Further characters Morbius, Venom, Storm, and Deadpool have been added to Marvel’s Midnight Suns post-launch, thanks to the premium Season Pass. This pass adds four content packs, each containing a new hero, missions, and more.

Who is the Hunter in Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

Marvel's Midnight Suns

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Elemental Rods

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One objective you can complete while exploring the Abbey as Hunter is to collect all the Marvel's Midnight Suns Elemental Rods and place them in an altar

Marvel’s Midnight Suns introduces The Hunter – a bespoke character that Firaxis Games designed with Marvel – who has been resurrected by the other Midnight Suns to help in the battle against Lilith. They are fully customizable, both in terms of appearance and playstyle with a range of abilities to choose from, offering good damage options and healing for your team.

The Hunter also serves as the player character for exploring the Abbey (the Midnight Suns’ base of operations) between missions. Here, you’ll be able to engage in the game’s RPG aspects by chatting with your team of heroes and initiating Hangouts in the evenings to build up your friendships. You can even explore the Abbey Grounds and complete various quests and mysteries - keep an eye out for Arcane Keys in Marvel's Midnight Suns too.

The Hunter also has their own ‘Balance’ mechanic which grants players different rewards based on whether they follow a Light or Dark path – Balance is determined by dialogue responses in conversations and what types of Hunter cards you use in combat.

The Villain of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Lilith, Mother of Demons

Marvel's Midnight Suns

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A Marvel game featuring this many heroes is going to need something like, or even beyond, an Avengers-level threat. Lilith, Mother of Demons, is the main antagonist in the supernatural world of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. She is the same demonic sorceress villain from the original 90s Midnight Sons story but has been brought back by the evil exploits of Hydra.

With Lilith’s horde and Hydra’s army united, they certainly pose a dangerous threat to the world, and Lilith’s ability to possess and transform characters into demonic, fallen versions is a key part of the story. Even from trailers, we’ve already seen well-known villains, such as Venom and Sabretooth, get demon-ified, but even heroes too, like Scarlet Witch and Hulk.

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