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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Character Strategy Guide


Despite all those MVC2 videos you may have seen, Storm isn’t particularly easy to use. Her normal moves only connect in specific orders, are a little slow, and much like Magento, she needs to utilize her ability to air dash and dash cancel to effectively put pressure on opponents. Her ranged game is much better than Magneto’s though and her Whirlwind (QCF + Attack) can cut down even the beefiest projectiles.

Her Lightning Attack (S + Attack plus any direction) is a very useful charging attack that can be used up to three times in a single jump; timed and spaced correctly, you can combo 3 lightning attacks together. While Storm’s rushdown options are good, she’s also capable at range with her Level 1 Hyper Hail Storm (QCB + 2 Attacks) which does good damage even if blocked. Her other Level 1 Hyper, Lightning Storm (QCF + 2 Attacks) has an enormous hit box and can be easily comboed into.


Fast movement, capable of good rushdown
Hail Storm does great damage, even on block


Relatively slow normals
Needs assists to really excel

Good For Beginners?

No. Storm needs a lot of skill to be used effectively, though her Hypers are fairly straightforward.

Super Skrull

Super Skrull is one of the most immediately playable characters in MvC3. While he may lack projectile options, he’s a fun character who can pull off big combos with relatively little effort. As an added bonus, a lot of his attacks link easily into his Hyper Moves making big damage attainable even for newbies. His ranged command grab (QCB + Attack)is super annoying if used with an assist attack , but make sure it hits before the assist attack, as it won’t grab opponents who are already blocking. Also, rookies should be careful not to mash too hard with Skrull lest they accidentally activate Tenderizer (Mash Attack)the whole round.

His Meteor Smash (Dragon Punch + ATK) hits OTG and can cancel into his Hyper moves to close combos.


Easy to perform big combos
Easy to link into Hyper combos


His special moves are easily punished
Smarter players will know how to deal with some of his gimmicky moves
Likely to be zoned by keepaway characters

Good For Beginners?

Yes. Super Skrull is a fairly complicated character to use effectively, but his Hypers can easily be comboed into and his Tenderizer and command grab are easy to abuse.


The majority of Taskmaster’s moves involve his high damage arrow projectiles (QCF + Attack)which can be charged by holding down the attack button before releasing. He can shoot in three directions on the ground and in the air.Remember that the direction of his Legion Arrow projectile Hyper (QCF + 2 Attacks) is determined by what two attack buttons you press to activate it.

His two borrowed moves, Spider Man’s Web Swing (Forward + H)and Captain America’s Charging Star (Backwards + H) have very good range and give him some okay mobility options. Notethat if his Sword Master attack (Dragon Punch + Attack)is blocked, pressing H immeadiately afterwards will cause him to perform an unblockable headbutt that causes big stun, allowing for an easy Hyper Move, combo, Snap Back etc.

Task's M and H attacks have huge range, multiple hits and are generally super useful at medium range. Task can combo into Web Swing after an M M H combo, which launches the opponent airborne. Follow up with an aerial M, M, H into another Web Swing, then an aerial M to aerial Legion Arrow Hyper (QCF + L and M) for big damage. Get used to using the web swing more than Task's actual ground S launcher as it's a way better move.


Projectile attacks do good damage
Excellent normal attacks
Does big damage with relatively simple combos


Relatively slow normals make him medicore at extremely close range
Predictable attack patterns

Good For Beginners?

Yes. Bonehead has good, high damage projectiles and long reaching, easy to use normals. His Charging Star and Web Swing moves are also easy to use and lead to easy, big damage combos.


Mind numbingly slow, Thor will immediately turn off most players who pick him. Those who stick with it will find him to be one of the highest damage characters in the game. Thor needs a good team to back him up as his molasses slow mobility makes it nearly impossible for him to get in close. But once he does, his Mighty Hurricane (Half circle backwards + Attack)throw does huge damage.

Overcoming Thor's slowness is key to being effective with him. Use assists to help get him in close and practice wave dashing (repeatedly press down while dashing forward) andcancelling short forward jumps into Flight (QCB + S) to fake the opponent out.

His H Mighty Smash (Dragon Punch + H) hits OTG and can be used as an OTG assist.


Big damage output


Astoundingly slow, probably the worst mobility in the game
Regular and special moves are all incredibly slow require special timing to link

Good For Beginners?

NO. Thor is so slow and his moves have such long start up that he'll automatically frustrate and annoy new players.


Like her DMC compatriot, Trish is a good fit for MvC3. Unlike Dante though, she’s a character who requires a little more thought to use effectively. Trish has an excellent selection of normal attacks, they’re fast, do good damage and link together easily. Her Round Trip (QCB+H) and Low Voltage (QCF + ATK) are good for zoning and do great chip damage.

Using Trish’s trap moves, Hopscotch (QCB + L) and Peekaboo (QCB + M) gives her the ability to control huge portions of the screen, especially when combined with her regular projectile attacks.


Excellent normal attacks
Can control huge portions of the stage with her traps and projectiles
Excellent mobility


Need to capitalize on traps to maximize damage output

Good For Beginners?

Yes. Trish has extremely good normals, good movement speed and a reasonable projectile. Her traps might confuse new players but she can get by without them and they're not hard to learn how to use.

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