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Marvel Super Heroes Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Play As the Bosses

    You must first beat the game and save it in the Back Up Menu. Now play Arcade Mode with the Shortcut Options off, so you can seethe players' pictures. Now go to the Players Select Screen and dothe tricks as shown to access the secret Bosses (The default configfor the buttons are used)

    Dr.Doom : Press Down, then hold Down and press and hold X. With X held,press and hold Circle, With X and Circle held, press and hold R1.Do this in succession with Down held at the same time. You must do thiscode quickly. The picture will now change to Dr.Doom!

    Thanos : Press Up, then hold Up and press and hold L1, with L1 held,press and hold Triangle. With L1 and Triangle held, press Square.Do this in succession with Up held at the same time.You must do this code quickly. The picture will no change to Thanos.