Marvel president discusses The Avengers

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, had a yack with our friends over at SFX magazine this month and addressed a number of the studio's projects.

Discussing the upcoming Avengers movie, he said that he hoped it would be more than just a "team superhero movie with a bunch of characters with powers".

Not only that, but he confirmed that Hulk will be making an appearance in the film, despite the character not being linked to the project before.

Could that also mean Edward Norton will be getting very angry in another Incredible Hulk movie? Sounds like it, with Feig saying that it "would be post- Avengers , if it happened... I think there's a chance. It's certainly our intention to use the same actors from film to film where we can."

Finally, the pres allayed fears of how the mighty Thor is going to be interpreted for the big screen.

He said:

“We're doing the Jack Kirby/Stan Lee/Walt Simonson/J. Michael Straczynski Thor . We're not doing the blow-the-dust-off-of-the-old-Norse-book-in-your-library Thor .

“In the Thor of the Marvel Universe, there's a race called the Asgardians and we're linked through this Tree of Life that we're unaware of.

“It's real science, but we don't know about it yet. The Thor movie is about teaching people that.”

Excited for The Avengers ? Or would you prefer to see the Justice League instead?

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