Marvel's FCBD 2023 books will introduce a new "Uncanny" team and an "epic at the crossroads of science and magic"

Marvel Free Comic Book Day 2023 Spider-Man/Venom #1 art
Marvel Free Comic Book Day 2023 Spider-Man/Venom #1 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Free Comic Book Day 2023 is still months away, scheduled for May 6 of next year. But Marvel Comics is already previewing its planned releases for the event, in which retailers give away copies of special edition comics to anyone who comes into their shops.

Free Comic Book Day 2023: Spider-Man/Venom #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

First up, there's FCBD 2023: Spider-Man/Venom #1, which will offer readers a catch-up session on the current Amazing Spider-Man run - including 'unleashing the full fury' of Peter Parker's Osborn Tech-enhanced new spidey suit and revealing the "exciting plans for one of Spider-Man’s fiercest foes."

It will also set up the recently announced 'Summer of Symbiotes' story, and offer up a "preview of a new Marvel epic just on the horizon." Then on the Venom side, the Symbiote anti-hero will face a new villain.

Of note on the cover by Patrick Gleason is the presence of the Maker, a villainous 'Variant' of Reed Richards from the original incarnation of the Ultimate Universe, who has previously clashed with Venom and an incarnation of the New Avengers.

Speaking of which...

As for Marvel's other FCBD 2023 announcements, there's Free Comic Book Day 2023: X-Men/Avengers, which includes three new stories.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The first story from X-Men writer Gerry Duggan and X-Force artist Joshua Cassara will "set the stage for the next evolution in mutant adventures, Fall of X," while a second story from Duggan and artist Javier Garrón - also tying into 'Fall of X' - will showcase the "uncanny new lineup" of a "new team book" coming in 2023. If you're thinking the latter could be a revival of Uncanny X-Men, your guess may just wind up proving accurate, but there are some clues to another option.

We have to note that Captain America, Deadpool, Rogue, and Quicksilver are all present on the cover, which could indicate a revival of the Avengers/X-Men crossover team the Uncanny Avengers. More evidence for this may be the mention of Stark Sentinels as an aspect of the story.

Interestingly enough, that story will also reveal "the surprising fate" of Captain Krakoa, a short-lived alternate superhero used by Cyclops when he was trying to hide the secret of mutant resurrection.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Could another character be taking up the secret identity of Captain Krakoa, a la Ronin? We'll find out.

Another, third story in the one-shot will preview an upcoming mystery title from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Valerio Schiti, which has only had slow trickles of information and art released since its announcement this summer, and is now billed as an "epic" at "the crossroads of science and magic."

Since there's already been a mention of a new "Uncanny" team and a dual preview of 'Fall of X' in the first two stories, could Hickman and Schiti's story play into the Avengers side of the X-Men/Avengers one-shot? The title is headed for a high-profile relaunch around that time. Could they be involved?

Spider-Man will also feature in a different way in FCBD 2023: Spidey and Friends #1, which offers a story based on the popular Disney Jr. cartoon show starring Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Gwen Stacy.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Finally, Marvel's 2023 FCBD offerings are rounded out by FCBD 2023: Marvel's Voices #1, which collects a selection of stories from previous editions of the Marvel's Voices anthology series along with a brand new Ironheart story from writer John Jennings and artist Paris Alleyne which introduces a new villain for Ironheart named Alleyne.

Here's a gallery of interior pages from the X-Men/Avengers #1, Spider-Man/Venom #1, and Marvel's Voices #1 FCBD 2022 one-shots:

While you're picking up a free copy of Avengers/X-Men #1, you can also shop for any of the stories on our lists of the best Avengers and best X-Men stories of all time.

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