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Mamma mia! Nintendo just gave a free Mario Maker 2 Switch bundle to every passenger on this flight

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It's been a big few weeks for Nintendo Switch owners. First, we had the release of Super Mario Maker 2 (opens in new tab), which has already gone on to become on the best Nintendo Switch games (opens in new tab) of all time. 

Then Ninty decided to announce not one, but two new Switch models; the Nintendo Switch Lite (opens in new tab) and a replacement variant for its original Switch (opens in new tab), now with almost twice the battery life. Oh, and we got a Luigi's Mansion 3 release date (opens in new tab), as if that wasn't enough news already. 

Almost as if to celebrate its post E3 2019 (opens in new tab) wave of good will, Nintendo surprised an entire flight of passengers on a Southwest Airlines plane to San Diego Comic Con yesterday, by gifting every single person with a free Nintendo Switch and copy of Super Mario Maker 2 to enjoy on their journey (opens in new tab), and keep for life. 

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It's predicted that Nintendo were filming some sort of promotional commercial in line with the surprise giveaway, which also featured the flight's air stewards dressed up in Mario builder hats (opens in new tab), and a special Mario Maker 2 level that came preloaded onto each free Switch console (opens in new tab). I already own a Switch, but somehow I'm still unhealthily jealous.  

The San Diego Comic Con 2019 schedule (opens in new tab), meanwhile, kicks off later today, and promises all sorts of news around Marvel Phase 4 (opens in new tab), The Walking Dead season 10 (opens in new tab), and much more, so stay tuned to GamesRadar+ for all the latest around that. 

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