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Mafia 2 Playboy guide

Playmate 34: After you've cleared out the gunmen in the restaurant, head up the stairs at the back of the room and go left.

Take another left at the top of the stairs, and run to the end of the balcony section.

The next issue will be in the booth at the end, on your right.

Playmate 36: After you've passed the huge Buddha statue, you'll walk down a staircase into a dimly lit opium den. You'll want to head into the little room you'll see on your left.

The next issue is on a couple of stacked boxes just to the left of the entrance:

Playmate 35: As Vito and Joe are sneaking through the basement, you'll come across this room, with masked workers doing something drug-related. You'll know you're in the right place when Joe silently takes down a guard who strolls out of a room full of guns.

Head inside that room. The next Playboy will be on your right, on top of a lowfiling cabinet.

Chapter 14

Playmate 44: After you and Joe wake up at the construction site and you take down all three guards, you'll notice a little catwalk next to the stairwell. Go across it.

Look right, andyou'll see an alcove that looks like this:

Go in there, and you'll find the next Playboy around the corner.

Playmate 37: A little while later, you'll go down a staircase guarded by a few lone goons. At the bottom of it, you'll be attacked by a guy with a shotgun, after which someone throws a molotov and blocks your way with fire.

From the position above, turn left. The next issue is on a pallet against the wall.

Playmate 38: Vault over the barrier and clear out the goons in the room ahead. Once the way is clear, bear right and head for this unfinished doorway:

From there, head straight across to the other side of the room, where you'll find the next issue in a corner.

Chapter 15

Playmate 45: Not toofar into the observatory, you'll come across this room, with a barrier apparently blocking access to the descending stairway. Shove the barrier right out of the way and head on down.

The next issue is wedged into a corner of the room below, against the stairs.

Playmate 39: Shortly afterward, you'll reach the roof and the entrance to the telescope. Don't go in there just yet; instead, run to the right of it.

You'll see a little terrace that snakes around a corner. Follow it to the end...

... and you'll find the next issue of Playboy, no less the worse for wear in the rain.

Playmate 43: Now that you've got that, go ahead and head into the telescope room.

Head around the left side of the telescope, and you'll see the next Playboy sitting next to the stairway's guardrail.

Playmate 42:During the final battle in the planetarium, dash over to the projector as soon as your way is clear.

Vault over the barrier around it, and you'll find the game's final Playboy.

Congratulations! You've just collected a whole bunch of vintage nude shots. Enjoy your Achievement or Trophy!

Aug 27, 2010

Two 1950s gangsters and a whole city to conquer. What could possibly go wrong?