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Mafia 2 Playboy guide: Where to find every collectible magazine

Chapter 7

Playmate 50: Head into Joe’s apartment building, but don’t go to see him just yet. Instead, climb the stairs to the top floor and follow the hallway until you find the next issue lying on the floor.

Playmate 16: At some point in the chapter, be sure to pay a visit to Harry’s Army/Navy gun store. There’s a Playboy on the floor by the stairs, just across from the shop counter.

Playmate 17: Vito’s new neighbors have a bad habit of leaving their reading material out in the open, as you’ll learn when you find this issue on a table on the second floor of Vito’s new apartment building.

Chapter 8

Playmate 46: The chapter’s first issue of Playboy is sitting on the kitchen table in your apartment. Grab it before heading out.

Playmate 19: After you’ve shot your way through the first wave of greasers at the foundry, your crew will turn a corner and you’ll see this shack on the left. Taking care not to get shot, run inside it.

Turn left after entering, and you’ll see the next issue on top of an oil barrel.

Playmate 21: Near the end of the foundry “level,” you’ll take out a couple of greasers who shoot at you from atop a catwalk. As you’re walking toward the catwalk, the next issue will be on your left, next to a pair of oil drums.

Playmate 20: After you’ve cleared out all the greasers, Vito and Joe will decide to steal a couple of hot rods. Before you drive off, though, walk to the left and head under these stairs.

You’ll find yourself in a grungy alley filled with garbage, discarded mattresses and fire. There’s also a ramshackle shelter there; hang a left and walk into it.

There, next to a particularly nasty-looking mattress, you’ll find the next issue.

Chapter 9

Playmate 41: After talking to Eddie at the Maltese Falcon, take a look at the bar. You’ll find the next issue at one of its corners.

Playmate 23: As you’re getting doused with a few gallons of raw sewage, you’ll see a tunnel bearing left ahead of you.

Walk into it, and you’ll find the next issue lying in the muck at the end.

Playmate 22: After stealthing your way into the first room of the slaughterhouse (the one with the sleeping worker), you’ll find this one between a trash bin and a coal pile.

Playmate 24: After you’ve crept around the slaughterhouse a little, you’ll find this room, in which one worker talks to another about becoming a voice actor.

Stick to the wall on your right, and you’ll find the next issue next to some low shelves.

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