Maelstrom - Explosive unit-by-unit reconnaissance

Basic Remnant Infantry: In a nod to the Remnant's combination of adaptability and opportunistic tendencies, their basic infantry unit wields a modified version of the M-16 rifle once used by modern military forces but now enhanced to fire heavier-hitting rounds while allowing a slightly faster rate-of-fire. Consider these the Remnant army's version of those poor bastards who wore red shirts on the original Star Trek - fairly disposable but good for soaking up damage.

Hunter: Take a super smart, determined Remnant infantry unit and give him access to some extremely sophisticated hacking equipment. Then, set him loose on the battlefield to subvert high-tech enemy units to the Remnant cause. If that doesn't cut it for ya, give him the ability to jack into organic units as well, and then you can call it a day.

Marauder: These advanced soldiers carry the equivalent of a machine gun on steroids. This souped-up automatic weapon spits death nearly twice as fast as a normal MG, but doesn't get nearly as overheated. Marauders are the kind of guys you don't really want crashing your party (unless they're bringing the chips).

Bullseye: If the Marauders (see above) are the guys you don't want at your party, the Bullseye units are the guys who get all the chicks. They strut their stuff behind the scope of a very precise, very long-range sniper rifle. However, behind their backs they're known as the guys who "don't like to get their hands dirty."