Maelstrom - Explosive unit-by-unit reconnaissance

Ripper: Despite its friendly-sounding name, don't be misled, this rank and file of Hai-Genti combat packs some serious long-range weaponry into its large, crocodile-skinned hide. Aside from the Ripper's telescopic vision, it can hurl regenerating venom spines from its hulking back at enemy targets. Think 'cranky alien porcupines' but meaner.

Siren: Sending pure waves of sonic disruption towards your enemies is pretty cool when you think about it. The alien battle groups use these soldiers to soften up enemy forces just before the big fight. This is probably the strangest of the Hai-Genti armed forces but just be thankful that it doesn't know any "Barry Manilow."

Pestilence: This is the aliens' take on air combat operations. These flying units scoop out living symbiotic leeches from their own body to fling onto unsuspecting enemy troops below. Don't hate them for it, they just like to share.

Above: The Hai-Genti's Crusher is too huge to be shown only incolor pictures

Scorpion: Looking not entirely unlike a grotesquely deformed Earth scorpion, these creatures fill the role of artillery support for the Hai-Genti by lobbing long-range acid or explosive bio-bombs at their foes. Some might even say they have an 'explosive' personality - well, someone with a crappy sense of humor would.

Progenitor: With the mass of burrowing worms that it carries into the fray and, more frighteningly, the ability to summon extremely large burrowing worms (think Dune's sandworms), this alien unit comes with its own built-in party. Granted it's not the most enjoyable party for enemies but at least it's fun for the Progenitor.

Crusher: Probably the most tank-like of all the alien combat units, this massive organism looks similar to a scarab beetle with large crushing mandibles strong enough to rend steel, let alone puny flesh-based organisms. Furthermore, its own natural armor is amazingly strong and it has a pair of stink-glands near its mandibles - giving new meaning to the phrase, "silent but deadly."