Made Man still being made

Thursday 22 June 2006
Made Man, the Mafia-based crime game apparently lost in Acclaim's 2004 closure, has been given a second chance to impress the Don with a PS2 and PC release this September, and we've got a family-sized selection of screens to prove it.

Now being worked on by SilverBack Studios to be published by Mastertronic, the game sounds promising indeed, with 17 chapters of organised crime spanning three decades, from the jungles of '60s Vietnam to the high-rise hell of '80s New York City.

The environments will be deformable, offering up new cover that you can then jump behind with a single button-press, before sliding along it to get a shot at your foe.

Apparently, the developer has worked with real-life 'made man' Bill Bonnano, who has made sure the portrayal of violence and family life is as realistic as possible. "Turn your back on the wrong person, that's it, game over," he said. And yes, he was talking about the game at the time.

Justin Towell

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