Made Man finds a publisher

Once known as Interview with a Made Man, this wayward crime shooter is at last on track for an early '07 release courtesy of Aspyr Media. Originally an Acclaim game, Made Man was lost during the company's bankruptcy and then picked up for UK distribution. Now, GTA fans that can't get enough of licensed soundtracks and '80s-style clothing can tear through three decades of crimey goodness.

Made Man will do more than ape GTA, though - destructible surroundings let you trash anything that crosses your path and cool new abilities like picture-in-picture detonations and quick-cover leaping should make the firefights more involved.

The developers have called in organized crime expert David Fisher to make sure all the toe-breaking and house burning unfolds in the most realistic way possible. Fisher's also on deck to ensure that the game's storyline, which crosses paths with real-world events, are accurate.

Made man Joey Verola begins his ascent into the world of big crime early next year - provided there are no more "misunderstandings" before that time.

November 7, 2006