Luke Cage set photos show a familiar ally

Marvel fans who've seen even one episode of Jessica Jones have already met Luke Cage - formerly known as Power Man in the comics but now mostly known as "the unbreakable guy with big muscles having lots of sex." Well, Cage is getting his own Netflix series (opens in new tab), set to debut next year, and Vulture has posted (opens in new tab) set photos of the production. You'll need to follow the link for set photos (the one above is a promo image from Halo: Nightfall), but I'm about to talk about what we can gleam from it so look away now if you want to avoid spoilers.

Mike Colter will reprise the role of Cage as he seeks to survive in a city gone bad, with various parties interested in using him for their own gain. What's more interesting though is the appearance of Rosario Dawson's character, Claire Temple. Claire is the Marvel Cinematic Universe equivalent of Night Nurse, a (you guessed it) nurse who often tended to the medical needs of injured heroes.

Her appearance here suggests she may be the linking thread between Daredevil, Jessica, Luke, and the forthcoming Iron Fist, bringing them together to form The Defenders much like Nick Fury did when he helped form The Avengers. And that's not totally baseless speculation, either; Marvel has plans for a Defenders mini-series that will bring all of the Netflix heroes together for their own team-up adventures.

Or maybe she's just making a fun little cameo and I'm reading way too much into this. Either way, it's fun to see Marvel building up its universe in a way that - at least superficially - ties everything together.

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