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Lost Girl Season Three News

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Season two of ever-improving sexy succubus show Lost Girl reached its finale last night (1 April) in its home territory of Canada, so here’s a quick round-up of what we know about season three:

• Emily Andras will be the new head writer. She has previously written six episodes of the show, including the brilliant penultimate episode of season two.

• Anna Silk has indicated in interviews that we’ll get to learn much more about Bo’s back story: “I just think it would be good for people to see a little bit more about where Bo came from and why she was the way she was at the beginning of the series… Not much of that has been shown to audiences yet, but that will happen in season two and certainly in season three.”

• She has added elsewhere : “I love third seasons. I think the first season of a show sets things up, the second season grows from there, and then by the third season I really think you’re at the height of where a show can go. So I’m really looking forward to that with our show.”

• Kris Holden-Ried has said in another interview that we’ll get to meet Bo’s father (which seems likely, as there was some pretty unsubtle foreshadowing going on at the end of season two).

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