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Long-ass Ace Combat trailer is long-ass

That said, the real-world locations and four-player campaign co-opare definitely enticing, as both are brand new to the series. The idea of soaring over San Francisco, Tokyo andEgypt with three buddies, locked in battle with a sun-blotting super jet, has a certain appeal, as do the proposed eight-player multiplayer modes.However, those aging PSP visuals aren't selling the experience too well, especially for a series that's historically ushered inamazing new graphics with each console shift. If this were in development for PS3, we'd be singing a different tune.

Hopefully some hands-on time will quell these initial impressions, and further Ace Combat's dominance of the virtual flight scene. Joint Assault is down for a "summer" release, so we should know pretty soon either way.

April 22, 2010