Loki season 2 announced during finale's post-credits scene

Tom Hiddleston in Marvel's Loki
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Loki season 2 has been quite literally rubber-stamped. And don’t worry if you haven’t watched the Loki finale yet, there are no spoilers here.

The follow up to Tom Hiddleston’s Disney Plus series was announced during the finale’s post-credits scene. If you didn’t stick around, you missed a shot of a TVA Variant Case File: that of a certain Loki Laufeyson.

It then gets stamped with five words and a number that will be music to the ears of Loki fans everywhere: Loki will return in season 2.

Loki season 2: what we know so far

Loki season 2 reveal during the post-credits scene

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

There are no more post-credits scenes after that, so you’re free to switch off. But I’m sure you have questions – including anything surrounding a Loki season 2 release date.

In terms of that, we’re not so sure. Literally nothing – including the confirmed cast and creative team – has been announced for the new season.

However, prior reports from across the industry has given us fragments of information in regards of what’s to come.

The most important of which is the filming start date. Production Weekly (H/T ComicBook.com) has hinted that Loki season 2 could start filming in January 2022. If that’s the case, don’t expect the new season to drop on Disney Plus until mid-to-late 2022.

One of the chief architects behind Loki’s success will make a return. Deadline, a trusted industry outlet, revealed back in January that Loki season 2 is happening – with writer Michael Waldron involved in “some capacity.” Waldron, though, is also busily beavering away on Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie, so that ‘capacity’ may not be as lead writer next time around.

The announcement may have come as a shock, but we can perhaps expect more second seasons of upcoming shows such as Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye if the story allows it.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said at the Television Critics’ Association tour earlier this year (via The Independent), "It will vary based on the story. Sometimes it will go into a season 2, sometimes it will go into a feature and back into a series."

Loki, we now know, will be the former. Bring on a second season burdened with glorious purpose.

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