Logitech unveils a new headset along with a new range of colorways to inject life into your setup

Logitech unveils a new headset along with a new range of colorways to inject life into your setup
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Logitech has announced the release of a brand-new headset, the G733 Light speed gaming headset that is to be at the center of a range of vastly colorful and customizable peripherals.

The headline act, the G733 headset, is likely to be one of the best Logitech headsets. Its design is definitely at the forefront of this and is compromised of several key areas which will nudge the aesthetics of the headset well into the best gaming headset realm. The first of which is that unavoidable, awesome design. Onboard will be front-facing RGB lights so you can create your own look as you see fit - though actually seeing the end result yourself is a different thing; there are new and reversible suspension headbands that are not only designed with comfort in mind but once again allow you to personalize your style, increased further by the new range of color-coordinated headband straps, and funk microphone covers that come in a range of fun shapes and sizes.

In terms of more headset specifics, the G733 will feature an overall lightness in its design - of just 278g; a detachable boom mic made with Blue VO!CE technology, Logitech's own PRO-G drivers, DTS Headphone x 2.0 surround sound, and, of course, that wireless connectivity. Also, like many of those vying for your money as your go-to pc headset for gaming, using the G733 in conjunction with Logitech's companion software will integrate it further into your set up and offer more customization and tinkering options

While the likes other brands, like Razer headsets, also provide quality audio options, they lack the customizable nature, and now, the extra attachments and colorways will potentially offer the G733 a style and aesthetic edge.

(Image credit: Logitech)

However, what really completes the set is the wider range of products released as part of the Color Collection. Beyond the brand-new G733, these comprise of the G203 and G305b mice and the G915 TKL keyboard. It's refreshing to see the moves away from the blacks and metallic finishes that usually dominate the gaming peripheral market, and if more and more color is your thing, then this is likely to be right up your street.

Given that many gamers have increasingly diverse and versatile setups, the range of colors, customization options, and interchange-ability on these Logitech products are likely to resonate well with plenty of gamers and players. Avoiding anything too  'gamer-y', and putting control into player's, streamers', content creators', and creatives' hands is a welcome step.

All products are expected to be available as of next month, but below are some top Logitech headsets and their latest prices for your perusal right now, while you wait.

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