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Live-action Star Blazers movie in the works

star blazers

Star Blazers could be heading back to the big screen!

A live-action version of the classic anime TV series - which originally aired between 1979 and 1984, and once outgrossed Star Wars at the cinema when it was edited into a movie - is in the works.

Usual Suspects and Top Gun 2 scribe Christopher McQuarrie has been hired to write a script for the film, while Skydance Productions are currently negotiating for the rights to the series.

The basic plot follows WWII battleship-turned spacecraft Yamata and its attempts to rescue the Earth by finding radiation-emitting technology in space.

Deadline report that the live-action film will stick to the anime’s original concept, and would be a “space opera” that involves alien invasions and a quest to save our planet – and the human race.

This new Hollywood version will have to compete with a new Japanese film based on Space Battleship Yamato , the Japanese show that inspired Star Blazers in the first place.