Liberty City Stories coming to PS2

Take 2, parent company of publisher Rockstar, has announced that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, originally a PSP exclusive game, will be released for PlayStation 2 later this year.

Also confirmed for release in 2006 are Rockstar's controversial school game Bully and two PSP games, one of which is described as an "all-new" Grand Theft Auto.

These announcements are part of Take 2's financial report to the City in which it outlined its release schedule for the upcoming year.

The news of GTA: Liberty City Stories coming to PS2 is something of a surprise as Rockstar was eager to point out the title's exclusivity to PSP at its release. However it does make financial sense as there's a huge PS2 userbase hungry for more GTA action that would snap up Liberty City Stories, especially if it was released at a budget price.

As regards the GTA PSP game, "all-new" could just refer to new characters and story rather than a new location, so a return to Vice City is still a possibility.

There are no real clues about the second PSP game mentioned but, as Rockstar proved with Midnight Club 3, it's more than capable of squeezing full PS2 games on to the Sony handheld, which means a Warriors PSP game shouldn't be ruled out.