Let's Rock!

Why is this film going to rock harder than any movie ever made?
This is the thing: rock movies usually suck. I think that Mad Max 2 is a great rock movie even though there’s no rock in it. It fuckin’ rocks. Pick has a lot of powerful action and intense theatrical drama. Sometimes there’s crying and sometimes there’s soul-searching.

So what’s the story?
Tenacious D, the band – that’s me and KG [Kyle Gass] – is formed and go on a quest to become the greatest band on Earth. That is, I think, it. There’s not much else.

Is it based on the 1999 Tenacious D TV shows?
Obviously, we kept the same characters because the characters are us. But besides that, it’s an all-new scenario. It’s a prequel to the TV episodes. It’s also part three of a nine-ology.

How long did it take you and Kyle to write?
It took six years of bubbling and trying and giving up... But then, we sat down and cranked it out in a day. The story. And then it was 40 days and 40 nights of non-stop writing. That was the first draft. Pooped out our butts.

Will there be cameos?
There are some cameos, Ben Stiller’s in it. But it’s not like Blues Brothers, where it’s a long parade of rock’n’roll famous folk. Sasquatch is in the movie and it’s only his second film appearance.

What will the rating be?
In America, it’ll be R. For Rock. It’s all just bad words. And you see some cock. That’s a cameo in itself.

Who would win in a fight, Kong or the D?
We’re humans, so we could muster up the resources and bomb him or something. So I’m going to have to say the D.

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