Lego teases its first proper Lord of the Rings set in a decade

Lego Rivendell set teaser
(Image credit: Lego)

Lego is teasing a grand return to Middle-earth, and it seems a new Rivendell set will be the first proper Lord of the Rings build in a decade.

A new teaser from the official Lego Twitter account offers a bit of Tolkein-appropriate poetry, and a brief clip of the the One Ring falling in front of a short-legged minifig - presumably a Hobbit - with a walking stick. Reflected in the ring, you can just make out a location from the city of Rivendell. It's the council of Elrond, which you might remember as the scene from Fellowship of the Ring that spawned both the "and my ax" and "one does not simply" memes. Oh, also, it's where the titular fellowship is formed.

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This would be the first proper Lord of the Rings set in a decade. Lego previously put out a number of sets based on the epic trilogy in 2012 and 2013, and while a few sets based on The Hobbit movies continued into 2014, the whole Tolkein line has been on hiatus since then. Lego brought back the license for a few of its Funko Pop-style BrickHeadz sets earlier this year, and it seems those presaged a proper return to Lord of the Rings.

You should expect Rivendell to be a massive set with a premium price tag. While official details on price and release date are likely coming on February 7, leakers have been talking about a Rivendell set for months, suggesting that it would be priced at $500 USD and release in March.

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