Lego Star Wars - spot the difference

Wednesday 6 June 2007
The debut images from the recently announced Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga have been jettisoned from LucasArts HQ and while we are helplessly excited about the prospect of cutting through the entire Skywalker family drama as comedic brick characters all over again - complete with new characters, new levels and online modes - we were a bit surprised to see a definite touch of the clones about one of the images.

The dubious shot shows the bikini-clad Leia tethered to a grinning Jabba the Hutt and it looks pretty much identical to an image released for last year's Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - point your eyes at the two screens side-by-side below and judge for yourself whether it's a recycled shot or just a crazy coincidence?

Luckily the other shots released (which you can find here) appear to be brand spankers. Thank the Maker for that, then.

Above: The top shot is from The Complete Saga while the one below is from last year's Original Trilogy release

Matt Cundy
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