Lego Jurassic World Sick Dinosaur Guide

Jurassic Park

There are three sick dinos to find in Jurassic Park. Get ready to grub around in their poop.

Sick Dino #1 - Dilophosaurus Territory

The Dilophosaurus is chucking its guts up near the blue pad.

To the left of the cracked crate in this area is a bone that you can pick up and track.

Follow the trail to the end to find the chicken leg.

There's a barbecue opposite the Dilophosaurus. Destroy it to find the sausage.

There's a bone pile just to the left of the dino. Use a character like Alan Grant to interact with it for the last item you need.

 Sick Dino #2 - Triceratops Territory

The dino is at the far end of the paddock near the shed.

To the left of the Triceratops are some vines. Cut through them to find an apple.

There are some more vines to the right of the shed. Chop them down to find a leaf.

The last lot of vines is to the left of the dinosaur by the blue pad. Cut them down to find some cherries.

Sick Dino #3 - Gallimimus Territory

You'll find the sick dino feeling sorry for itself by the blue pad.

Pick up the leaf to the right of the dino and track it to find a carrot nearby.

There's a pad to the right of the Gallimimus that you can use to give a character a boost to the platform above.

You'll find a banana up here.

To the left of the feeding machine is a large log. Use a Dilophosaurus to spit at the blocks on the end for your last item.

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