LEGO The Hobbit Minikit locations guide

Out of the Frying Pan 

A Clifftop Attack 

Minikit #1 (Story Mode)

Stick to the left side of the screen as you run from the wolves. You'll hit a minikit atop a small rocky outcropping just before the chase ends.

Climb the Trees 

Minikit #2 (Story Mode)

On the right side of this section are some vines. Shimmy across these to a small alcove, then bust up the rock here to grab the minikit behind.

Minikit #3 (Free Play)

Near the same vines is Mithril grate. Destroy it with Saruman to release some loose wraith bricks; use Frodo's Ring to build these into a minikit.

Minikit #4 (Free Play)

Bust up the debris at the foot of the tree, then build the pieces into an action pad. Use a tinderbox character to burn away the rest of the debris, and a minikit will appear.

Minikit #5 (Story Mode)

After sliding the large rock with Dwalin's great hammer, hop on top and turn around. See that shine behind the tree branch? Jump into it for a cleverly hidden minikit.

Minikit #6 (Story Mode)

There are three spiders dangling in the area. The first hangs next to the previous minikit, and the other two hang by the trees beyond. Take these al out--it's possible in Story Mode, though using an archer in Free Play is easier--to earn another minikit.

Minikit #7 (Free Play)

In the area with the trees is a minikit atop a branch. Shoot the target with an archer to drop the prize to you.

Minikit #8 (Free Play)

Near the previous minikit is a sick animal. Use Radagast to heal it, and you'll receive another minikit.

Minikit #9 (Free Play)

When throwing firebombs at the wolves, look for three purple flowers on the left side of the screen. Burn these three for a minikit.

…Into the Fire 

Minikit #10 (Free Play)

There are three Orc archers in the trees above. Snipe them with an archer character to receive one last minikit.

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