LEGO The Hobbit Minikit locations guide

On the Doorstep  

Finding the Hidden Door 

Minikit #1 (Story Mode)

There are five golden statues in the area. The first is at ground level below the second Dwarf Stack pad, the second is atop the first cliff, the third is up some stairs near the second, the fourth is through the second crawl shaft, and the fifth is past the rotating Lego brick bridge. Smash all five for a minikit.

Minikit #2 (Free Play)

By the first gold statue is a Morgul gate. Use an evil character like Sauron to bust through, opening a secret cave area. Inside, use an acrobat like Legolas to scale the handles by the entrance--there's a minikit on a tightrope above the doorway.

Minikit #3 (Free Play)

Just south of the entrance is a decorative shelf. Bust this apart, the build the loose pieces into a plank. Walk out to snag another minikit.

Minikit #4 (Free Play)

Use a wizard character to bust open the magic-locked gate in the middle of the room. Beyond is a skeleton clutching a key. Bust him up to grab the key, then unlock the safe near the cave entrance for a minikit.

Minikit #5 (Free Play)

There's one last minikit in here. Head to the far right side of the cave to find a rock with a handle. Use a flail character to yank it from its pedestal, splitting the rock and releasing a minikit.

Minikit #6 (Story Mode)

After passing through the first crawl shaft on your way up the cliff, switch to Frodo and descend the steps to the left. Use the Ring to enter Wraith Mode and grab the otherwise unobtainable minikit.

Minikit #7 (Story Mode)

When you climb the first cliff, head left up and down some stairs. Continue left across the Lego brick cliff to a large cracked rock. Buddy up two axe-users, and bust through to find a minikit inside the small alcove. This must be done before raising the bridge!

Minikit #8 (Free Play)

After passing through the second shaft, look along the right cliff for some Mithril pieces. Bust through these with Saruman to reach a minikit on the other side.

Minikit #9 (Free Play)

Once across the Lego bridge, you'll spot some arrow pegs. Shoot these with an archer, then use Legolas to flip across. On the neighbouring ledge is a rope that leads to another minikit.

The Last Light of Durin's Day  

Minikit #10 (Story Mode)

From the start, head south to the cliff face. Bust up the rocks here for some loose pieces, then build these into a plank. Walk out to grab the minikit that appears.

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