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The 10 best Batman v Superman Lego sets

You want justice? Here, build your own Justice! *flings bricks at you*

There's a lot of Batman v Superman (opens in new tab) tie-ins. Forget the plastic cups, lunchboxes, figures, and err... ice cream (yes, really (opens in new tab)), some of the coolest merchandise tied to the flick is Lego. These colorful blocks represent a whole different side to fandom, especially compared to the responsibility of maintaining a pristine action figure collection. Legos are meant to get manhandled and grubby, pieces forever lost down the back of the sofa. It's part of their charm. And if you like ignoring the instructions and winging it, they give you a chance to rewrite movie scenes. Want to see Lex Luthor beat down Superman with his own hair-brick? You can! Or make Batman and the Joker build a cat sanctuary? Sure, that's always an option too. See, there's a lot of fun to be had with the Lego sets available. Don't know where to start? Don't worry, we've whittled it down to 10 of the best. A note on affiliates: some of our stories, like this one, include affiliate links to stores like Amazon. These online stores share a small amount of revenue with us if you buy something through one of these links, which helps support our work writing about games, movies, and TV.

10. Man of Steel: Battle of Smallville

The moment Clark's hometown is left in tatters comes a close second to Man of Steel's city-levelling finale. In brick-form you can either join Superman and Colonel Hardy in his lovely tan jeep to thwart Zod's lackeys, or join the bad guys by hopping aboard the General's Black Zero dropship. It's not much of a contest, is it? A jeep is great when you're on an off-roading weekend through a boggy marsh, but battle an airborne alien craft with a "rotating underside cannon" though, and you're likely to get zapped. Fast. The coolest thing about this set are the outfits worn by the Faora and Tor-An minifigs; there's a bit of a Captain Phasma vibe going on here. Use your crossover imagination! Where can I buy it? UK: Amazon (opens in new tab), £33 US: Amazon (opens in new tab), $44

9. Batman: The Joker Steam Roller

Jared Leto's Suicide Squad (opens in new tab) Joker looks bananas. He would definitely go after Batman in a steam roller. It's no secret that Batman appears in that film, so this set is the perfect way to bring that rendezvous to life. Frankly, the Batwing pales in comparison to the Joker's garish vehicle. It might be dead slow, but look at the wacked-out gadgets he's got! "Flickable" laughing gas bombs and that hideous smile slapped over the front. There's Batgirl and Robin minifigs thrown in too - so we can imagine what Jena Malone might look like - and the Joker gets his own sidekick. Yeah, he obviously doesn't take the time to get to know his employees. The guy's name is Goon. Somebody call HR. Where can I buy it? UK: Amazon (opens in new tab), £50 US: Amazon (opens in new tab), $63

8. Man of Steel: Metropolis Showdown

A downsized version of the Man of Steel finale. Thought it was probably stretching it to have Superman snap Zod's neck like a toothpick? Set that straight, right now with a reconstruction of events only you and your dog will see. Relive Supes’ tussle with the evil General and decide who will live and who will get flattened by a collapsing antenna tower. Which, handily enough, comes with a cool catapult function, so you can play fetch with the dog afterwards. Fetch, Krypto. Fetch! Where can I buy it? UK: Amazon (opens in new tab), £22 US: Amazon (opens in new tab), $25

7. Superman vs. Power Armor Lex

It looks like we won't see Lex Luthor don a robotic suit in the movie, but don’t be too disappointed. This nifty kit has Luthor wearing his "power armor" made of Kryptonite, aka the power loader from Aliens with a paint job. In the official description listing the suit's mechanisms, its moveable fingers are apparently just for "grabbing Wonder Woman." This seems a bit weird to me. Surely Wonder Woman's the only one out of the pair who can be around it? Superman has a wee bit of a problem with Kryptonite. Just look at him. He's no help whatsoever doing the hokey cokey. Where can I buy it? UK: Amazon (opens in new tab), £3 US: Amazon (opens in new tab), $27

6. Superheroes: Clash of the Heroes

One of the first official Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sets is a small build that's more about the individual bits included. On the minifig front, Armored Batman and a snarling red-eyed Superman are the spit of their onscreen versions. And really, the two heroes are the best part of the set, because you can put them into all sorts of scenarios... *cough* rom-com *cough* (opens in new tab). What's a bit baffling is that it also gives away what some might consider to be a bloody great big spoiler: Batman's stud-shooter gun fires Kryptonite bullets! Maybe that's what he fused with his suit to stop Supes' arm in the last trailer (opens in new tab)? Where can I buy it? UK: Amazon (opens in new tab), £11.99 US: Amazon (opens in new tab), $12

5. Batman: Man-Bat Attack

Come to the aid of Nightwing - the artist formerly known as Robin - to help Batman defend Gotham from the Man-Bat. See what they did there? It's Batman backwards. Well actually, that’d be Namtab, and that makes no sense. Anyway, he's brown and hairy and shares an uncanny resemblance to Teen Wolf's dad. You can construct Nightwing’s super-sleek glider, build Mr. Wayne’s Batcopter and take out Gotham's trash. Said 'copter comes complete with a winch and hook combo for hauling Nightwing to safety... as well as a fully-operational set of flick missiles. For that alone I'd recommend crossing over sets so you can flick loads of them right in Zod's face. What? I'm not a fan! Where can I buy it? UK: Amazon (opens in new tab), £37 US: Amazon (opens in new tab), $28

4. Super Heroes: Kryptonite Interception

Another official Batman v Superman set features Lex Luthor's henchmen organising his gigantic haul of Kryptonite. We've seen him gazing at it lovingly in trailers, so it's no surprise that he gets his hands on some. It's Batman's involvement in their efforts that makes this kit so damnably intriguing. Why's he trying to blow up their reserves? Doesn't he also have a Kryptonite-firing stud shooter? Smells like a spoiler to us. Regardless, the set also comes with a kick-ass Batmobile and a LexCorp, erm, forklift. Not exactly the most battle-ready vehicle, but as the description says it does detach for when "the battle hots up." No-one likes fighting with those darn forks getting in the way. Where can I buy it? UK: Amazon (opens in new tab), £30 US: Amazon (opens in new tab), $26

3. Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase

Take to the streets of Gotham and hunt down Bane from the air or the ground. It might look small upon first inspection yet this kit's got a lot going for it. It comes with two vehicles from Batman's fleet - airborne attacks come courtesy of The Bat, and ground cover is taken care of by the Tumbler. And, seeing as it's based on The Dark Knight Rises, you get a bunch of minifigs that aren't available elsewhere: the movie versions of Batman, Bane, and the only Lego Commissioner Gordon. Ok, so technically in the film Bane steals the Tumbler so it's up to you how you want to play it (I say have Bane and Batman against Gordon). The real highlight is The Bat, which looks particularly nice on bookshelves at eye-level or as a paperweight on your desk at work.

Amazon (opens in new tab)

Amazon (opens in new tab)

2. Super Heroes: The Batcave

This fan-favorite kit takes place in the depths of Bruce Wayne's private quarters. It's staged for a fight between Batman and Bane, as Mr. Wayne keeps Poison Ivy safe from the clutches of his nemesis. It's your choice what you do once you've got it built - Poison Ivy and Nightwing turn on Batman, perhaps? It's not as big as earlier iterations of the Batcave (the 2006 version has over 1000 pieces and now goes for about $3000 (opens in new tab)) but at 700 pieces you’re getting enough construction fun thrown in with all the add-ons. There's Bane’s drill tank and the Batcycle, Batman’s computer station, a rocket launcher and five minifigs. Where can I buy it? UK: Amazon (opens in new tab), £142 US: Amazon (opens in new tab), $123

1. Super Heroes: Sky High Battle

Lexcorp's stepped up its vehicular fleet in this set. Unlike his goons, Lex Luthor won't have to fight Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman using a forklift. He's doing it in style. The Joker's style, it would seem, as the deranged billionaire's helicopter is decked out in the Clown Prince of Crime's green-and-orange color scheme. Gives you something to ponder, eh? That'd be quite the bad guy team-up. Anyway, you'll have a lot to keep your busy here, building Lex's helicopter and the star of the set: Batman's huge... Batwing. Also included are a great handful of minifigs - Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane. Where can I buy it? UK: Amazon (opens in new tab), £55 US: Amazon (opens in new tab), $53

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