The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Goddess Cube guide

Throughout your journey in Skyward Sword, Link will come across numerous large metallic blocks that are known as “Goddess Cubes.” These blocks are scattered throughout the various lands, and when encountered, Link can give them a Skyward strike with his sword. When he does, the cubes will transform into beams of light that will then allow a treasure chest to become available throughout the skies. Some of the cubes can be a little tricky to nab and some will require a little back tracking after you have acquired the appropriate item to access its location.

Below we have listed the location for each of the 26 Goddess Cubes, as well as what will be unlocked when you decide to go forth and claim your prizes. Happy hunting!

Faron Woods Locations

Lake Foria Locations

Eldin Volcano Locations

Lanayru Desert Locations

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